Who Are We?

Within the frame of global economy at present; technology, information and sources are developing and changing place very rapidly. Adapting themselves to rapidly changing needs and innovations is very significant for development and sustainable success of companies. This situation gives the human power prominence as being an important source for the companies. The thing which enables the success of the companies and sustainability of this success is talented leaders and employees who are accurately positioned within the firms. The right persons direct their company and they determines the future of the company.

Forming of this structure is proportional to the situation that persons who are convenient to corporate culture work in the right positions in line with the goals of the companies. Employee, who is wrongly positioned within the company, costs a lot to the company in short term, causes time loss and affects the image of the company negatively, as well.

Talent Search Partners provides solutions special to the establishment in terms of finding the talents which the companies seek for in an effective and rapid way. After the needs of the companies are analyzed comprehensively, Talent Search Partners accesses the suitable candidates by using the proved and effective source forming methods. By evaluating the candidates with interviews based on competence and with personality inventory tests, Talent Search Partners puts the human resources with desired qualities with the establishments which need them together.